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Do you know what the key to playing golf is? (And to life!)

“What hitting that ball has taught me is that no matter how much I want to STRATEGIZE the swing, what really matters is how connected I FEEL to myself in the moment and how much I allow for flow to guide me.
I wanted to share something incredibly powerful with you, something that I believe can truly support and inspire you!
A couple of years ago, Arabia introduced me to golf. Now, I have to admit, for the longest time I thought golf was a simple and somewhat boring sport. Just hitting a ball and waiting for it to find its way into a hole? How wrong I was! It didn’t take long for me to realize that golf is an incredibly challenging sport that demands both physical and mental strength.

But you know what I love most about golf? It’s the level of presence it requires from me to truly control the ball. You see, one of my biggest life challenges is learning to “release control.” I’m an energetic leader (as you already know) with service flowing through my veins. Ensuring that everything goes exactly as I want it to be is a quirk I’ve struggled with. Growing up in an environment that demanded perfection of me, becoming a control freak became my shield, protecting me from potential rejection by my parents, bullying at school, and all the vulnerabilities that came with it.
However, there are times when I can’t help but embrace my control freak side (and yes, I love myself for it). So, when I first started playing golf, I wanted to know everything about ball strategy, creating the perfect swing, and the precise positions I should adopt. But here’s what I discovered: while all of that is important, the most crucial element for a great swing is FLOW.
Yes, flow. I have realized that the more relaxed I am, the less I overthink it, and the better I perform. Hitting that ball has taught me that no matter how much I strategize my swing, what truly matters is how connected I feel in the present moment and how much I allow myself to flow. The more present I am, the better my swing becomes, as if my body instinctively knows what to do. Only by releasing control can I enable it to perform at its best.

It’s fascinating to me how many parallels I find between golf and life. Have you ever experienced a situation where you had to let go of the need to be in control and simply surrender? And when you did, did things somehow magically fall into place and get resolved? It’s almost as if events had a mind of their own!

Here’s what I’ve learned: we can be both participants and observers of life. We can strategize, plan, and have a vision of the direction we want to take. But the real magic happens when we learn to flow with the present moment, when we practice acceptance of what is, and when we step back and allow things to unfold naturally.

Now, here’s the million-dollar question: How do we do that?
Well, I believe it all comes down to one thing: trust.
Trusting that, no matter what, everything is well.

Trusting that EVERYTHING is ALWAYS working in your favor, even when it doesn’t feel like it or seem like it.
TRUSTING that deep down inside, you always have ALL you need and more.

I believe our need for control stems from our childhood experiences. As kids, we aren’t always taught that we will be taken care of unconditionally. We aren’t reassured that we will be loved no matter what! And this happens because our parents, too, may not feel safe. Because they don’t trust their parents or their environment, they don’t know how to teach us how to trust.

For me, trust has been the most challenging lesson I’ve had to learn (and if I’m honest, I’m still learning). However, what truly helped me was understanding that trust doesn’t depend on anything or anyone else but myself. No external factor can give me the reassurance and peace I need to feel safe and to TRUST that I’ll be okay no matter what. The only source of that trust resides within me.
Knowing that I have myself, that I am my home, and that I possess everything I need has given me the courage to take risks, be vulnerable, release control, and surrender to the present moment. I trust that whatever happens is always for my benefit. I trust that my life has a higher intelligence, a mind of its own, that knows better than I do. So, I simply let go and allow it to guide me.

This is what learning to play golf has reminded me of and giving myself the opportunity to learn it, fail at it (haha), and figure it out has made me a better player both in golf and in life! and has helped me to enjoy the game of life so much more! at the end of the day, it’s all about finding the sweet spot, the right combination between dong and being, and TRUSTING that everything will fall into place!

I wanted to share this with you because we are surrounded by opportunities to learn, to grow, and to heal our wounds. My wish for everyone in this world is that they embrace their own journey of self-discovery and trust, allowing themselves to surrender control and experience the beautiful magic that unfolds as a result.

With love and trust,

This is what I learned about resilience…

Resilience, my dear friend, isn’t just about turning chaos and breakdowns into life lessons and breakthroughs. It’s about keeping your soul intact throughout the process. It’s about continuing to believe when all seems lost, maintaining trust when it feels like the end, and finding joy and smiles in moments overshadowed by fear and uncertainty.
Have you ever found yourself wishing you could be in two places at once? Have you ever faced a situation where you had to trust the process, even when you couldn’t take direct action? That was exactly how these last two weeks unfolded for me. It was a whirlwind of emotions testing me to my very core!,
In the LOUD Incubator, I teach women the invaluable skill of living the path of “YES/AND” – accepting reality as it is while allowing ourselves to experience the emotions it brings. I have experienced this many times throughout my life, but let me tell you, these past few weeks I was put to the ultimate test of this philosophy.
While having two speaking events and conducting LOUD Circle immersions (quarterly transformational trainings from my LOUD Women Nation platform), my boyfriend ended up in the hospital battling with some health issues. It was a gut-wrenching situation. The same week he was supposed to be my partner in facilitating the trainings, he found himself needing to prioritize his own well-being, spending nearly two weeks confined to the hospital bed. And let’s not forget, it was also the final week of school. I had to juggle the demands of being a mother to my two daughters, attending to their needs, running them to activities, shows, and summer camps – you name it.
All of this while my heart ached for my boyfriend, dealing with the uncertainty of his stuation, uncertain about what the future held for us. It felt like my world was spinning out of control!!! Yet, amidst the chaos and the storm, his resilience shone through. His presence, his unwavering spirit, and his authenticity inspired me to dig deeper within myself.
I was on the verge of canceling everything. But he asked me not to give up. He reminded me that it is precisely in moments of adversity that we discover our hidden strength and spirit. He assured me that my purpose would not only sustain me but fill my cup, even amidst the pain and uncertainty we were facing. And he was right. Oh, how he was right.
We made it through, against all odds. I stood before two audiences of over 300 women, pouring my heart out and igniting the fire of LOUDNESS within them. I guided the incredible women in the LOUD Circle through a weekend of transformation, delving deep into the essence of authenticity. And while all this was happening, I still managed to be there for my daughters, tending to their every need, and caring for my boyfriend when he was finally released from the hospital.
Let me tell you, those past two weeks, especially that wild weekend, left me completely drained. Yesterday, I found myself exhausted and all I could do was take deep breaths and connect with GRATITUDE. Gratitude for simply being alive, for finding the strength to carry on, and for having a purpose that runs so deeply within me. In that moment, I once again came face to face with my inner strength and resilience.
As I sat there, lost in meditation, a quote from Wayne Dyer reverberated through my soul: “Don’t die with your music within you.” This weekend, more than ever, I realized the profound truth embedded within those words. I discovered the power that emanates from living your purpose, even when the storm is raging around you, when you feel like you can’t possibly take another step forward. Witnessing my boyfriend endure so much, yet still radiating strength, motivated me to tap into my own reserves of courage and share my purpose with the world, louder than ever before.
Resilience, my dear friend, isn’t just about turning chaos and breakdowns into life lessons and breakthroughs. It’s about keeping your soul intact throughout the process. It’s about continuing to believe when all seems lost, maintaining trust when it feels like the end, and finding joy and smiles in moments overshadowed by fear and uncertainty.
These past few weeks have been an incredible journey. My boyfriend’s graceful resilience has been a masterclass in vulnerability and strength. Through his unwavering spirit, I experienced a newfound freedom – The one that comes when you find PEACE in your soul, that does NOT depend on outside circumstances and allows you to rise above the challenges, and, despite the storm, share your purpose with unbridled passion…. AND allows you to feel it ALL.. while still moving forward in your life.
I firmly believe that our stories, our triumphs, and our lessons are meant to be shared.
By being LOUD with our story we can inspire others, to help them grow, thrive, and transform. That’s why I choose vulnerability and to pour my heart out to you today.
May you always find the strength to take that one extra step – the step that leads you to a life where you embrace and live out your purpose. The one that allows you to rise above what you thought was your limit. May you tap into the music that lies deep within your soul and, without hesitation, share it LOUDLY with the world.
Trust me when I say, the world needs it now more than ever.

How do yo measure IMPACT?

What I have learned throughout my life and all the times I have failed, crashed and burned is that IMPACT can be measured in many different ways, and the way you decide to measure it can define how close or far away you feel from your success.
This is me…. Last Friday, May 5th….. I found myself standing in a room full of open hearts, sharing with them the lesson that I believe is the key to happiness: Always Be Yourself.
When I left the stage, my entire body was vibrating SO HIGH, SO STRONG that I KNEW in my heart I was fully connected with my life’s purpose.
This experience reminded me of a conversation I had with a client last year, who was feeling exhausted and ready to give up on her small business. No matter how hard she tried, there was always something else to achieve, and she felt like there was no space to celebrate her wins. It was as if she was in a hamster wheel, always chasing the new win, the new challenge, and that made her exhausted.
As a business owner, I know firsthand how hard and scary this path can be, and my heart went out to her. I asked her what success meant to her, and she replied, “Impact! The impact I create in others, changing lives! I want to be able to help others see their potential and live better lives…” She didn’t care about money but was here for the impact. I used to feel the same way.
So, I took a pause and asked her:
What happens if the IMPACT that you want is not as BIG as you want it?
What are you using to measure impact??
How can we really measure it?
She didn’t know what to say…
And, you see… this was my problem for many years.
For a long time, I held myself back by measuring impact based on its size. I had always pictured myself in a big stadium full of thousands (or even millions) of people singing my songs with peace in their hearts. While I still sometimes dream about that moment, I also realized that this same image was holding me down. I had become so focused on that one goal that I was missing what was happening in the here and now. I had created a connection between impact and size, which made me feel like something was always missing. THAT same goal made me operate from lack over and over again. My career became a rat race always searching for the next success, the next opportunity, the bigger stage… just like she was feeling in the moment of our conversation.
What I have learned throughout my life and all the times I have failed, crashed and burned is that IMPACT can be measured in many different ways, and the way you decide to measure it can define how close or far away you feel from your success.
After years of searching for that big image, I asked myself: What is it that I really want?
The answer was clear: I wanted to be myself.
I wanted to write what my heart wanted, sing what my heart wanted, and do what I loved the most. I realized that I had become so focused on the size of my impact that I had lost sight of its true source: THE MOMENT.
Because I was focused on the MILLIONS of people I wanted to impact, my road got derailed, and I started searching the Size and not the source!
When I shared this story with my client, she did a deep dive into all the people she was already impacting in THAT moment and realized that she was extremely successful. Her whole demeanor changed, her energy shifted, and she started feeling good enough and worthy. The very next month, she landed a client who paid her double the amount she used to charge, and even though it was only one person, she was feeling the impact she was making in her life.

When I think about impact I think about my clients, melting down in front of me and sharing their deepest darkest secrets, and wanting to heal from their pain and still believing their lives can be different… THAT is impact..Their COURAGE impacts ME, inspires ME to keep seeing beyond the darkness, to keep seeking beyond the pain and to find the root of what makes us human, our authenticity.

To me, impact is being able to be myself, raw and vulnerable, on a stage in front of however many people are there.  Without any costume, mask, or pretending to be someone else.
Just being ME!

There is nothing better in this world than being yourself. It requires no effort, is free, and it will give you joy and energy instead of taking it away. This is true not just professionally, but also in relationships, in the community, as a parent, and with yourself. If you can’t or don’t know how to connect with your truth, seek support.

I promise you that a life in complete authenticity will be the best gift you will ever give to yourself.