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LOUD Incubator August 2023- The Work

In the August LOUD Academy, we embark on a profound journey of Shadow work, delving into the art of identification, healing, and transformation of our toxic behaviors into new, healthy paradigms. Our focus lies on comprehending the “Triangle of Life,” a dynamic structure that unveils the blueprint of our existence, enabling us to recognize our unique “North Star Pattern.” This pattern is the very programming that shapes our actions across all facets of life.

Through heightened awareness, we gain the power to redefine our existence according to our desires. By intimately understanding our suppressed emotions, we master the skill of distinguishing our authentic gut feeling from that stemming from past traumas.

This class empowers you to connect with your inner truth, liberating it from the shackles of limiting beliefs and behaviors acquired over time. As a result, you’ll establish a clearer pathway to live a resounding existence—a life that resounds with authenticity.

Key topics covered in this class:

  • -Gut Feeling vs. Trauma Feeling: Discerning between authentic instincts and past trauma responses.
  • -The Triangle of Life: Unlocking the dynamics that shape our existence.
  • -North Star Pattern: Unraveling the programming that guides our actions.

Elevate your existence, rewrite your narrative, and embark on the journey towards a LOUD Life that truly resonates.